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Crystals and gemstones have been attributed and used since ancient Greek times, with many properties being attributed from this era.


This bracelet is made up of a number of gemstones, all of which are believed to have attributes that enhance opportunity and help the wearer find their much needed lucky chances.


This bracelet is made up of the following gemstones:


Green Jade - Bestows one with lucky chances, a stone synomymous with luck and wealth

Amazonite - The lucky hope stone, to aid your hopes and dreams

Citrine - Health, wealth and happiness stone

Peridot - Known as the money stone

Garnet - Puts you on the path to success 


The bracelet is strung on high quality 1mm thick elastic and combined with stainless silver spacer beads that will not rust and nor will the colour wear off.


The colour of the beads in the bracelet may vary from those in the picture due to the beads all being natural gemstones and therefore naturally have variations in colour.


Good Luck Support Gemstone Bracelet

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