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I was asked many times, at events, if could make a kit for my casts, so people could have a go at making their very own botanical cast.

After much planning and designing, I’m delighted to be able to offer these kits for sale in 2023.


The kit contains everything you need to make two 10cm casts, including some dried plants/flowers that you can use to create the casts and 2 miniature plate stands to display your finished designs. The only thing you need is some kitchen scales and water!


Each kit contains: Non-toxic air-dry clay, Crystacal-R Plaster, Plastic cutter ring, 2 types of dried seed heads, a mini wooden rolling pin, 2 x mixing cups, 2 x Wooden stirrers, 2 x mini plate stands.


The clay is non-toxic air-dry clay and is safe for children to handle, but it is recommended you do not roll clay onto surfaces that are used to prepare food.


The casting plaster is a product called Crystacal R. It is made up of a very fine powder – please be careful when using it and ensure you do not inhale the powder. When the plaster is mixed, it can become hot. If you get mixed plaster on your hands, ensure you wash it off with cold water immediately.


Ensure that children are closely supervised when around the plaster both in powder and mixed form. It is recommended that you do not let children come into contact with the plaster and that an adult prepares and pours the plaster when casting.


If you’ve enjoyed making your casts and would like to re-use your kit to make more casts, you can purchase my Botanical Casting Refill Kits, which include enough clay and plaster to make another two casts.

Botanical Casting Kit

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